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Rocket Messiah - 2023

What started out as a 5 song concept EP, wound up being a 9 song album. Old school hard rock with no auto tune, time correction, etc. Just straight up, no bullshit rock n' roll. 

Surf Greensleeves - 2019

The original plan was to complete an entire Christmas album enlisting a bunch of my musical friends. Well, needless to say it never happened. I did manage to get one track done with The Dingos. Check it out below. There are a few others that may see the light of day one of these minutes.


Off The Deep End - 2010

Deep Eddy Records distributes JD&D and features Three Martini Launch on this collection.


Tracks - 2009

Jonnie Dog and The Dingos is an original "beach based power twang" band. We recorded our full length CD in my home studio and it is available on iTunes. Or just ask me for a copy next time you see me. I usually have a few in the glove compartment.


Double Talkin' Jive -  2008

This tribute to G n'R features a surf collection for some reason. Jonnie Dog and the Dingos' California's Fallin' in the Sea is included.


Diggin' for Gold - 2004

The haunnting Dingos track, Lorelei, is featured on this instro collection from Double Crown records.


Summer of 2004

The high octane track El Diablo, another by Jonnie Dog and the Dingos, is on this issue from


Briz - 2003

Came in and played drums on this self-titled debut effort by a local singer/songwriter. The interesting thing is that the drums were laid down last. It was a nice challenge trying to sync up with a solo artist who is not usually playing with other musicians and is not using a click. 

Farese Navidad - A Family Album - 2000

We recorded this Christmas album using a 1/4" Tascam 4 track for the basic tracks. Mixing and mastering was done at Retromedia Studios in Red Bank. The record features my wife's side of the family on a bunch of Christmas classics. 

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